The 5 Most Common Fish Diseases

Fish Diseases

this article will help you to identify the five most common fish diseases as well as giving you simple tips on how best to treat them. The majority of common fish diseases and illnesses are caused by having poor water quality or there being an imbalance in the water chemistry.

Poor water quality leads to the fish becoming stressed which is the main cause of most of their illnesses and diseases. Fish can also be carriers of parasites or bacteria without showing signs of disease.

It is therefore important to closely monitor the fish in your aquarium for a few days after introducing new fish.

General Things to Watch For

The following list is the most important things that would suggest that your fish has an illness or a disease:

  • Unusual swimming patterns
  • Fins appearing to be pinned to the body
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Inflamed or discolored skin or fins
  • Scraping of the body on rocks

White Spots

If your fish develops small white spots on its fins or body this is a sign for concern. The white spots infection is normally caused by stress. The white spots are produced by a small protozoan disease-causing parasite. It is highly contagious and needs to be treated as soon as you notice it. There are many brands of white spot treatments available to purchase from a pet store or an aquarium store so it is recommended to ask in store for advice.

Fin Rot

As the name suggests, fin rot is a disease that is located on the fish’s fins. It can be recognized by the fin becoming opaque or looking blood-streaked. Fin rot begins in the tip of a fish’s fin and slowly spreads to the base. If the disease is allowed to reach the base of the fish’s fin it will most likely end in the death of the fish. Fin rot is normally caused by either poor water quality or from other fish nipping at the fish’s fins. Fin rot is treatable and you can easily purchase anti-bacterial medicine to treat the disease from any pet store or aquarium store.

Fungal Infections

There are always spores of fungus present within aquariums to help create good bacteria. However sometimes this fungus can become infectious if a fish already has damaged skin, fins or gills. The main signal that a fish has a  fungal infection is a white, cotton like growth on their body. Anti-fungal medicines are available from any pet store or aquarium store.

Cloudy Eyes

This disease affects your fish’s eyes and vision. It is easily noticeable due to the fact that your fish’s eyes will become cloudy. Parasites in your aquarium are the most common cause of cloudy eyes however old age, stress and malnutrition can also cause this condition. The easiest way to cure the cloudy eye disease is to improve the quality of the water within your tank. Once the water quality within the tank is a good enough quality your fish will normally recover in about 1 to 2 weeks.

Swim Bladder Disease

Swim bladder disease is serious as it directly affects your fish’s ability to control its buoyancy. If you notice that a fish spends most of its time either at the top or bottom of the tank it is likely that they are suffering from this disease. Within the fish keeping community there is a huge debate on what causes this disease and how best to treat it. We recommend asking the establishment where you purchased your fish on the best course of action to treat this disease.