Do Your Dog Needs Another Dog To Keep Him Happy?

Do Your Dog Needs Another Dog To Keep Him Happy

Dogs are actually very capable of living a happy life with just the company of their human or human family. If you want to keep your dog happy here are three things that are a must!

  • Physical Exercise: Provided through walks, running, etc. All dogs need this to be happy; make no mistake. It doesn’t matter how much of a couch potato your dog is, even the “laziest” dog needs some sort of physical exercise.
  • Mental Exercise: This one is neglected the most. Unlike humans, dogs don’t pay bills, go on their phones to play candy crush or have to figure out how to solve daily problems that arise. Mental exercise is a MUST for dogs and it’s very rewarding because living with us they don’t have to hunt or scavenge for food. This mental boredom can create a lot of behavior problems as well. Provide mental exercise by feeding through interactive toys that are somewhat challenging but not over the top (depending on your dog this can vary) Training your dog is also a great way to provide them with mental exercise.
  • Communication: Your dog needs to know where he stands with you. There needs to be clarity in the relationship. Training also enhances or creates this communication.

If you provide your dog these three things on a daily basis, your dog will be happier than any other dog you’ve ever owned. Your dog isn’t acting gloomy because he doesn’t have company, your dog is acting gloomy because you’re not providing these three things. Now some dogs do want the company of other dogs, but if you’re your dog’s main source of food, interaction and excitement you wont need another dog.

Having a dog that is already unfulfilled and adding another dog to that is almost a bit counterintuitive. If you’re unable to provide these things for one dog, what makes you think you can do so for a second or third dog? Now you’ll have two dogs that equally unfulfilled and you’ll be low on their list of priorities.