8 Ways to Keep Your Pet Fish Happy and Healthy

8 Ways to Keep Your Pet Fish Happy and Healthy

If you’re considering having a pet fish or just starting out, then you’d benefit from these tips for beginners. Here are a few ways to ensure certain things are done properly to keep your pet happy and healthy.

1. Correctly Set Up Your Tank

Buying the correct tank is what really determines whether your fish are going to be happy or not. and The Size matters

You do not want them to be overcrowded as it could lead to low levels of oxygen shared in the water. As, it also can lead to excess waste which can degrade the quality of your water and clog your filter.

Too much in a small aquarium, whether it is fish or decorations, can cause death to your fish.

Be sure to consult your pet store to ensure that you’re getting the right size tank for your right aquatic friend.

While you’re at it, ask your specialist about the water parameters for ammonia, nitrite, pH levels, and nitrate. At home, test your aquarium water to ensure it matches these measures so that it will be easier to acclimate your fish.

2. Decorate the Tank

A beautiful decoration for your friends’ new does not only play into their happiness but yours as well.

One of the first things to take into consideration for decorations is the materials you choose to put in the water. You can’t just put anything in your tank.

If you find a rock from the ocean or a tiny ceramic thingy, hold off on setting them up in your pet’s home. Many of these trinkets can make a big effect on the state of the water, making it unsafe for your fish. It’s best to pick your decorations from the pet store.

Other factors to consider when you’re looking for items to put into your tank include the color of the decorations, the style, and the plant life.

The colors you choose can compliment your fish’s colors and will set the atmosphere of your aquarium. When choosing the style, you want to consider whether you want it to mimic the natural habitat or create a colorful neon and bold new world.

3. Condition the Water

Like air quality is for humans, water is for aquatic creatures. Poor water will result in poor health for your fish.

If you’re using tap water in your tank, you need to balance your water so that it can support your pet’s life. To condition the water, you need to put in a biological aquarium supplement and a de-chlorinating agent. Each of which can be found at your local pet store.

For taking care of fish, you need to also be aware of your water’s temperature. The improper temperature in your aquarium can wreak havoc on your fish.

Place your tank away from the window or any air conditioning or heating vents. These drastic temperature changes can hurt your pets.

4. Choose the Right Filter

Choosing the correct fish tank filter is a very important decision for taking care of fish. Your tank’s filtration system is what keeps the water free from particles and other debris, such as feces, waste products, plant material, leftover food, and so forth.

To find the best filtration system for your fish tank, you need to research the ones that are convenient, low maintenance and powerful.

5. Replace Aquarium Water

Once your fish is happily swimming and enjoying its tank, you should change 25 percent of its aquarium water at least once a month.

Replacing the water will help keep the tank healthy and clean as well as keep nitrate concentration levels safe. You can use tools like a gravel vacuum to remove debris and water to take proper care of fish.

6. Clean the Sides of the Tank

Once green algae starts to appear on the glass of the fish tank, it needs to be cleaned. This dirt buildup will give the water a dirty look, depletes the oxygen in the water, and clouds the glass.

All of these effects can be detrimental to your fish’s health. You can find a variety of cleaning tools at your local pet stores that will help keep your tank algae-free to take care of fish.

7. Research Fish before Purchasing

To ensure your new pet’s happiness, you need to be informed about the kind of fish that you pick. Take your time to do your research on all types of fish to figure out which one will be the most suited for you.

First-time fish owners often just go to the store and pick the prettiest fish available. They then quickly realize that they’ve bought an aggressive fish or aren’t equipped with the proper tank to take care of their new aquatic friend.

With some extra time, you’ll be able to figure out your fish’s temperament, friendliness, and space requirements. All of this information will give you the tools you need to make sure your fish stays content.

8. Avoid Overfeeding Your Fish

Once you’ve picked the fish you want and have correctly set up its tank, you need to make sure you’re taking its care and steps to keep your pet happy.

Cleaning the tank regularly is just one big way to protect your fish from any sickness. Another good way to keep your pet pleased is to ensure you’re feeding it right.

Don’t worry. It’s very bad for your fish to starve in a day. You can rest easy knowing that your new pet friend is getting a good amount of nutrients from just one meal a day.

Flake food works best for most types of fish. However, there are some, such as bottom feeders, that need sinking pellets or algae wafers for their meals.

Feeding becomes tricky when it comes to overfeeding. New owners tend to put more flakes in than needed. Excess food can lead to disease in your fish and other unhealthy side effects.

Plus, the extra debris dirties the water which can lead to an increase in chemicals and excess algae growth that makes it difficult to take care of your fish.